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Chamber (3-5 musicians):

  • For ISCM music days and Estonian Music Days Festival
    DefuneEnsemble (four Japanese toy instruments)
    Ca: 15’

Written for Erik Drescher
4 flutes with glissando headjoint (or solo flute plus pre-recorded instruments)
Ca: 12’

Written for Ensemble Lemniscate
flute, clarinet (optional bass clarinet), violin, cello, piano
Ca: 15’

  • Sho’ebadeH(2015)

Written for MoA project
for 3 musicians on stage (flexatones+slide whistles)
Ca: 11’

Written for Ensemble Resonabilis
flute, mezzo soprano, kannel, cello
Ca: 12’

  • ANAMORPHISM, Hommage à Gustav Mahler (2013 )

Written for Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble
flute, clarinet, violin, cello
Ca: 13’

written for ensemble Resonabilis
alto flute, mezzo soprano, kannel(or hckbrett), cello
Ca: 16’ 30“

  • Dimension III, Heterodyne Structures (2010)
    for string trio plus pre-recorded instruments or 12 live strings
    violin (1+3), viola(1+3), cello(1+3)
    Ca: 11’
  • Clarinet Quartet (2008)
    for clarinet and string trio
    Ca: 11’